Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 48 - Feather Mani

Back on track with A Year's Challenge, this week's theme is Feather Mani. I started with a base of OPI Jade is the New Black, which I just received a few days ago from my Polish Exchange Group (my receive month isn't until March, but since our October member dropped out a few months in, we decided rather than replace her, we would do an all-member exchange in October - like a Secret Santa, only ours was a Private Pumpkin!)

After the base Jade, I added a normal-dry topcoat on my index finger, laid my chosen feather over it, held it down for a moment until it stuck well, and then trimmed the edges. I repeated that for my middle finger, and then the same two on the other hand.

I added a glitter to the remaining fingers, and the other polish I used was also a gift, from one of my co-workers, who just randomly picked up a gorgeous glitter while walking through Target, because it made her think of me. How sweeeeeet! She tried to minimize the gift when she gave it to me by saying it wasn't as high quality of a brand as most of mine, at which point I stopped her and said that Sinful Colors was the second-most-numerous brand in my stash! :) And Nail Junkie is a color I didn't previously own, either, so WOW so pretty!! Two layers of Seche Vite (glitter is of course a top coat drinker, and the feathers still had textured ridges in the top coat after one layer) and my mani was beautiful!

I don't normally like using flash to take these pictures, but it's solid clouds outside so I have no sunlight to help, and while my office lighting usually takes pretty decent pictures, it was coming out very very blue. Using flash usually makes for less color accuracy, not more, but in this case? Using flash came out with almost perfect color accuracy. At least, as it shows on my monitor, these came out well.


  1. JITNB with SC Nail Junkie on top looks like China Glaze Atlantis - and, this is gorgeous by the way!!

  2. This is one of the best ones yet! Love it! - V