Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't You Make My Brown Eyes Blue...

Okay, I don't have brown OR blue eyes, but I was so sick and tired of winter colors that I really wanted a nice, rich brown on my nails. However, the day I did this manicure the snow was sooo beautiful and delicate that I just really wanted to do snowflakes. So what you get is the first few snowflakes falling on rich winter soil!

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Coffee, and then layered Max Factor Fantasy Fire over it. I put two stripes of China Glaze I Herd That on each nail, and then I used Sinful Shine Wisp and my tiniest detail brush to draw snowflakes as delicately as I could manage. I even looked up the various crystal structures that snow can come in before drawing them! I also traced a hint of China Glaze I'm Not Lion along some lines of the snowflakes to make them sparkle and come alive. However, all that glitter and shine made it really difficult for the camera to focus, and quite a few of my pictures came out blurry. Here's one of the out-of-focus pictures to show off the glorious color of all the glitters, though!

I tried twice to draw snowflakes on my right hand, and they came out horrifically blobby so I gave up and just left them with the Coffee, Fantasy Fire, and I Herd That stripes, but I have a hard enough time getting pictures of my right hand to focus, as my left hand is shakier holding the camera. With this manicure, I failed entirely to get even a single decent picture of my dominant hand. But here's a few more pictures of the pretty half!

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