Monday, February 25, 2013

Tortoiseshell with Brown Jellies

I haven't been the only blogger out there who was utterly awed and inspired by Chalkboard Nails' tortoiseshell manicure. I also know I wasn't the only one disappointed to learn that it had been done completely with exclusive polishes and Elevation Polish did not intend to produce them for sale. Apparently I also wasn't the only one to email EP and promise that if they made them, I would buy them, because they did! Just to be safe, I stalked their website the evening they were supposed to go live, and the moment the 'add to cart' button came up, they jumped into my greedy little hands!

I am, of course, talking about Elevation Polish's trio of gorgeous jellies in brown shades: Cascade, Temperance, and Tettegouche! I ordered mine the minute they went in stock, on January 22, but they're a limited edition and the website says they will only be available for three restocks in the first week of the month. I don't know if they included the first week of February, since their sale was delayed from first week to the third week restock in January, but just in case, if you want these, you should snap them up the first week in March when they go online!

My tortoiseshell rendition isn't nearly as awesome as CBN's, of course, but I think I did a tolerable job. I thought it was gorgeous on my nails, even if I was a bit disappointed in my execution.

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