Monday, February 18, 2013

Red Flakie

I am soooo far behind in posting manicures on here! I have no idea how long ago this one actually graced my fingers. Some time in January? Anyway. I started with a base of Zoya Karina and topped it with Chloe. On the accent fingers, I only put Chloe on half of my nail, on the diagonal, and then I used Milani Whitest White to draw the dividing line between the two and add some swirls and dots for design.

I was actually really happy about how this manicure came out. If you see the nail art I pin on my pinterest board you might notice how often I put notes like "simple", "elegant", and "trying to remind myself that less can be more". I really admire the simple elegant art that I see on a lot of blogs, but when I go to paint my own nails, I have a tendency to go for busy rather than elegant. I think I hit the bullseye for what I was trying for on this one, though.

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