Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reciprocal Gradient

This manicure was inspired by the gorgeousness of this manicure by Sweet Sugar. I failed in not using colors with enough contrast, though. It came out as a pretty manicure, but very, very subtle. I used Sinful Colors Neptune and OPI Live and Let Die, sponged a gradient one way, added striping tape, and then sponged the same gradient the opposite way. Definitely not enough contrast, though. I tried to pick pictures that showed the color variation the best...

I really liked the sparkle and I actually enjoyed the subtleness of the color gradient, but I'll admit it got a bit annoying to have to actually point out the "nail art" part of the manicure to my co-workers. :P Everybody thought it was pretty even before they asked what I "did to it", though. :)

Picture spam if you want to see more...

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