Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Polish Days - Back to Nature

This month's theme for Polish Days is obviously Back to Nature. Given that here in Arkansas, we seem to be stuck on a seesaw between winter and spring (one day the high is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the next it's 35...and a few days later we're back again!) I decided to split my nails between the two as well.

I started with a base color of Sinful Colors Cinderella, as it's a gorgeous pale blue as the winter and early spring sky often is when the sun is high and bright. It has that hint of sparkle in it, though, that makes it completely appropriate for winter, when crystals of frozen water are often glinting in the sky, and in the spring, the bright sun (especially when it comes after numerous thunderstorms!) often seems to make everything glow.

I used a handful of different colors for trees and flowers, but the primary colors are Snow Me White (appropriately named, as I used it for the snow, though also for the spring clouds) and Exotic Green for the grass, both also Sinful Colors. I think I used SC Call You Later for the sun, but I won't swear to it.

And there's my back to nature manicure. Please check out all these other gorgeous interpretations of the theme!


  1. definitely i lopve the snow ones! Although I'm not a big fan of the snow, those nails look amazing!

  2. double the effort but double the awesome!

  3. Wow! I'm in love with your winter scene. Goodness, that's beautiful nail art.

    Lovely! :)