Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sparkles N Stripes

This manicure I did over the holiday break for my New Year's Eve bling, and all the polishes I used were from presents! The base color, NYC Nail Glossies 243B, was in my stocking (okay, technically I bought it for myself, since I'm the MOM and I bought the stocking stuffers...but it still qualifies as a present, because I opened my stocking the same time my kids did! ;) This was topped by Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, which a co-worker presented to me a few months back for no reason whatsoever except that she was browsing in the cosmetics section and thought of me when she saw it. And finally, it was topped with stripes of China Glaze Pure Joy, which was one of four polishes my best friend V gave me for the holidays! :)


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    1. Thanks! I thought it came out better than I had expected, really. I'm not good at picking colors to go together (I tend to dress in neutral+color rather than trying to find colors that go together, like today in my green plaid turtleneck and grey pants) so I really wasn't sure about that red/blue combo. It came out kind of Superman-ish, I think. :)