Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Simple Elegance

Sorry I've gone so long without posting, guys! I've been crazy busy at work and then when I get home, I just want to hibernate, so while I've still been doing my nails and taking pictures of them, I haven't gotten around to actually typing up blog posts. Bad Ro, no biscuit!

So  here's one I did a while back. My co-workers said this was very "restrained" for me. I think I actually managed to hit what I consider "elegant" for once. If you read my descriptions of the nail art I post to my Pinterest board for ideas/inspiration, you'll realize that I have a hard time going with simple. I feel like I overdo my nail art a lot. So I guess this is restrained for me! But I was really happy with it.

This nail art was inspired by the lovely work of MissAdelinne:

I don't really have any polishes that work as nudes for me, and I don't like doing french tips unless my nails actually are all long enough to have white tips on the ends, so instead I started with a base color of Nailtiques St. Croix, topped with Sinful Colors Purple Diamond. Then I used a dotting tool and China Glaze Liquid Leather for my pretty little details.

I always ask my husband what he thinks of "my pretties", and he laughs because he doesn't really care (it's like asking me what I think of this guitar he's looking at!) but like I try to, he gives his honest opinion. I learned with this manicure that he really doesn't "get" the whole accent nail thing. "It looks like it's unfinished," he said. "Like you painted the design on just a few nails and got bored." Well, finished or unfinished, I was really happy with the way this manicure came out. How about you? What's your opinion on the accent nail versus nail art on all ten digits?

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