Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interlocking Dots

I have really enjoyed participating in the last two months of Polish Days. One of the things I always enjoy about joining in a challenge is when they include the batch of links to everybody else's entry. This month the theme, of course, was Something New, in which we were urged to use something new to us, whether that was a new polish, a new color, or a new technique. Some participants went with new polish, but it seemed like most of us went with new technique - I think we all have techniques out there that we've admired but haven't worked up the gumption to try, and having a challenge to do something new is just the thing to make us jump on something we've always wanted to do but hadn't yet pushed ourselves over the willpower threshold!

Anyway, while browsing through everyone else's presentation, I was inspired by Adventures in Lalaland's post, which was on interlocking dots, which is another technique I've always planned to do, but just hadn't gotten around to doing!

I started with two coats of Finger Paints Don't Make A Scene for a base color, then painted a diagonal half of my nails with China Glaze Mahogany Magic, and finished it off with the interlocking dots! I apologize for the tip wear (and one chip :( before I was able to take pictures of it. While I used my bathroom (with its three light bulbs in different places) as a white room when I started this nail art journey, I got far too attached to the color of taking my pictures outside during the day. However, this past month has been entirely too dreary for that to work. I have, however, realized that the color in my office is much better than the color in my house (which I find odd, really, since I have mostly flourescent bulbs in my house, the same as here at work!) so when I can't do an outside shot, I tend to take the pictures on my lunch hour at work, either outside or in my office. And in this case, I had done this mani over the weekend, so it was longer than I like before I took pictures.

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