Monday, July 2, 2012

Purple Paisleys and Flowers

Good morning, fellow hobbyists! My oldest daughter is visiting me for a month this summer before she heads off to the University of Kentucky this fall (where she lives with her dad, stepmom, two brothers and two half-sisters) so in expectation of having an irregular nail-painting schedule, I've started scheduling my blog entries to post on Monday and Thursday mornings. That way I can be sure to have a regular blog flow (ooh that sounded less gross before I re-read it! ::evil grin::) even while I'll be out of town for a full week during this month. You might remember that my friend V has been having some job interviews lately. Recently, she got called back for a second interview for one of the jobs she thinks would be a really good fit for her. So as usual, she called for an "appointment" at her favorite salon - my living room! She brought the shirt she was planning to wear, and it has this wide paisley and flower pattern all across the bottom of it:
I seem to have a hard time catching color on fabric well. I've had a lot of practice at taking pictures of nails by now, but taking pictures of her clothing is a different job entirely! ^_^ I don't have quite that color of green in my stash (and my oldest daughter, who is visiting me for a month before she heads off to her first year of college this fall, says that the number of polishes I already have is "NOT just a hobby, Mom. That's an obsession." Until I pointed out to her the number of polishes actual collectors have. I just have a paint palette, and clearly it's not a complete palette when I can't match this color. Anyway, of the greens I have, I thought Nubar Reclaim would look the best with it. I wish I could've got picture of this manicure in the sunlight, to show how awesome the Reclaim holoness looks in the sun, but obviously we did her nails at night. :P
I used a Jean-Michelle polish...I think the name is Perle, but since I don't have any other polishes of this brand, I can't compare to see if where that word is on other bottles is actually a color name. Anyway, I used Perle for the beige, NYC Purple Pizazz Frost, and Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl to give a little sparkle to the purple dots and flowers.

I think I might have trouble deciding what to do on V's nails the next time she wants a mani and doesn't have a job interview! Hehehehe...

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