Friday, October 3, 2014

Surging Seaside

Surging Seaside is what my co-worker L named this particular manicure. Honestly, I had some stickers that I wanted to use in this manicure, but they absolutely refused to curl properly to fit on my nails. So I took the exact same sections that I had cut for my nails, and I freehand drew them! Bwahahaha, I have defeated you, evil stickers!

Seriously, though, I was really happy with this manicure and I hated when I had to take it off. I had a list written in this draft of polishes, but it was clearly 100% wrong about the colors used (for example, it listed Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope, but that's a glitter polish, and there's no glitter used in this mani!) So I have no clue what polishes I used in this mani, but as I've said in the previous recent posts, if you really want to know, just ask. My stash isn't so huge that I can't narrow it down to two or three polishes at the max, and I can probably name the exact polish for most of them. I'm just not at my stash while I'm typing these. :)

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