Friday, October 24, 2014

Drops of Bunny

I know that the green and the pink that I used here were a two-polish box set from Salon Perfect that I had bought just a bit before this manicure, though since I bought it from the Clearance aisle, I don't think the two colors I bought were two that were originally sold together, based on a quick browse through the internet. It looks like I have Pocketful of  Posies and Mint Julep, which were not sold in the same 2-bottle package. But yay! I like them. I don't remember what pastel purple I used, but if you ask, I'll look through my stash and let you know.

I have no idea why L decided to name this manicure "Drops of Bunny", but hey, I'm rolling with it anyway. The only thing I would likely come up with instead is "triangles and dots" or something similarly lame.

My inspiration, in much bolder colors than my chosen pastels, was done by Nory of Fierce Makeup and Nails:

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  1. Great job recreating it. I like that you went with more pastel shades in your version.