Monday, October 27, 2014

All Things Fifties - Strawberries!

I did this manicure back in April. It was glorious springtime, flowers blooming, and I felt like polka dots. I have no idea why, but I went with it! Instead of roses, I added strawberries for a fresh fruity flavor. :) This nail art design is officially called a "skittlette", and I even went and looked up the source of the name just to share with you! Marta from ChitChat Nails gave the following definition:

Not quite a full skittles look, a skittlette manicure is one with at least two different accent nails. Pick any formation/order you wish, but for a true skittlette at least two nails need to be the same (the others can all be different) OR two pairs of identical nails and a different nail.
For those of you who like math/equations.  A skittlette can be any of the following:AABBC, AAABC, AABCD(in any order on your nails so that AAABC=ABCAA=AACBA)

So as I have two nails that are white with red polka-dots, and the remainder are different, this is a strawberry skittlette!

The red, white, and yellow are all Sinful Shine: Devious, Wisp, and Bananappeal, respectively. The green is Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and for a bit of change-up I used Zoya Chloe on my index fingers over the Devious. I don't really remember why I decided to do that. It looks kind of out of place looking back on it, but it was pretty! I do love looking at sparkles on my fingertips over the course of the day, and color-changing flakes are always the bomb.

Co-worker L named this one All Things Fifties because she said it reminded her of aprons with strawberries and polka dot skirts from the time period.

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