Monday, October 20, 2014

Fifties Apron

This is one of those very few manicures that I didn't copy off of someone else's design. I just had the urge to do red flowers on black, really, and this is what my brain came up with. Pretty sure the black I used is Sinful Shine Dark Room, but the rest of them? If you really want to know, I'll dig through my stash and narrow them down, but I sure don't remember just from looking at the pictures! :)

I did the flowers in white first, and then drew the red on it, and then the white lines. I used a dotting tool and some black to do the centers, but I dug into the polish just a bit to mix the red and black. It makes for a dark center without defined edges, which I tend to like for flowers.

I was really trying to work on the size of my dots. I've admired other people doing a spray of dots, where they start off larger and steadily get small. I did okay with the middle finger on the left hand, and the ring finger of the right hand, but the rest of the time they came out just as blobby as I'm used to. But hey, that's what practice is for! I'm improving, which is really the best I can hope for.

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