Saturday, June 22, 2013

Joe Fresh Color Blocking

I went a few weeks there without posting to the blog, until I had to for the challenge timing, but that doesn't mean I didn't do my nails and take pictures! This particular manicure was done with the new Joe Fresh polishes that one of my exchange group besties sent me. New polishes don't stay untried in my stash for very long. In fact, I keep them out on my desk until I've used them before I put them on the shelf with the rest of the polishes. ^_^

This started with a base of Joe Fresh Khaki, and some color blocking added Mocha in different places. Then I added Twilight - which I was so excited to receive, as it has been on my wishlist almost as long as I've had a wishlist! - to my accent nails. I used Nubar Greener to draw stripes between the color blocks, and voila! Awesome nail art that I really loved wearing.

Twilight is one of those color-changing flakies that I really love, but I have a nearly impossible time catching it on camera. Here are a few pictures that together show the range from emerald green through orange to copper. I've seen some amazing bloggers show this polish all the way into the blue range (shown below), but I haven't been able to capture it personally.

Rebecca from rebecca likes nails took this amazing bottle shot that I just had to share:

Thank you, my wonderful exchange group peeps for giving me such awesome colors in my polish palette to work with!!


  1. Nice color blocking manicure :) I should really try some Joe Fresh polishes since I live in Canada, lol.

  2. That Twilight is frakkin' amazeballs!!

    1. I *totally* agree! It was on my wishlist for ages before my exchange buddy sent it to me, because I live down here in Arkansas and you can't *get* Joe Fresh in the US! :P I have a few other similar flakies (Essie Shine of the Times, Nubar 2010, Zoya Chloe), but they all have slight differences, ya know?