Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the File Drawer: 52-Week Challenge: 6/3 - Summer

I went over two weeks without posting earlier this month, but I didn't go without painting my nails. I just was in a slump and when I'm depressed, I get anti-social. And no words means no blogging. Pictures were taken and saved, though, so you get to see the backlog! I don't follow every week's theme from the Reddit!Lacqueristas 52-week challenge, but I do have the list in case any particular week's theme inspires me. Summer was the theme for the week of 6/3, and all of my co-workers thought I nailed the challenge admirably with this bright pink and polka dot creation.

The pink (which you may recognize, since I've just done four manicures with it for June's Tri-Polish) is China Glaze Sugar High. I used Sinful Shine Wisp for the white french tips and accent nails, and Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up bordered the tips, and with Sugar High made the thin lined french tips for the accent nails. Polka dots of Sugar High, Agent Lavendar, and For Audrey completed the set.


  1. Cute! Love the dots and how you reversed the design on your ring finger.

  2. Wow, that design is fabulous - I actually want to eat your nails :D

    1. Thank you for the early morning giggles! Though I'm not sure *why* you want to eat them...I guess there's kind of a resemblance to ice cream. Anyway, I'd be sad (and probably in pain) if someone ate my fingernails, but I'm seldom averse to licking. ;)

  3. this mani is so cute! and i just realised you've done a strip of orange to break up the pink tips and spotty nail, love it :)