Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Tri-Polish Day #2

I'm almost too late for the second day of the June edition of the Tri-Polish Challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts, but not quite! There's still an hour before the end of the day in my time zone. :)

This month's Tri-Polish colors are red, pink, and purple. My polish choices for the month are China Glaze Adventure Red-Y, China Glaze Sugar High, and Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid, and my second manicure brings you a nail artist whose work has only been on this blog once or twice before: my nine-year-old daughter. Yep, I gave her the three polishes, and the rules of having to use at least two of them, and she could only add white, black, silver, or gold. (Though the rules also allow a clear-based glitter, but she didn't care about that.) She even went to the trouble of painting a practice pattern on a swatching stick first!

I turned this picture upside down so you could see what the pattern was actually supposed to be. She was going for hearts, but I think the one I circled here is the only one that really looks like a heart. But once I pointed that one out to everyone who was looking at them, they all went, "Ohhhhh, I see it now!"

So there's my second manicure using this month's Tri-Polish Challenge colors. Don't forget to go gaze on all the other pretties today!


  1. This is a fun manicure! Cool design :)

  2. Thanks! I will pass the compliments on to the artist. ;)

  3. The artist is amazing, and not in a patronising "for your age, deary" way either! Awesome job, miss Brianna - I see an awesome nail artist in the making! ^.^