Sunday, April 27, 2014

Old Fashioned Roses

This is the second manicure that my co-worker L named. She called it "Happy Forties". However, I decided to call the post "Old Fashioned Roses". I did promise, however, that I would always share her titles with whoever was reading, whether I choose to title the post something else or not.

This mani is based on one by IG@lovely_polish that I found on Pinterest.

I recreated it this manicure completely with Sinful Shine polishes. I picked up a bunch of new ones a few weeks back, and within a few days I had done this manicure. (As I've said many times, untrieds don't stay that way long on my desk!)

The base blue is a gorgeous spring shade called Alfresco. I used Wisp for the white, and then Devious for the red, In The Limelight is the green leaves, and I think I mixed Wisp and Devious to make the pink, since I don't have a pink Sinful Shine in my stash list.

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