Sunday, April 20, 2014

Peep Peep!

My co-worker, E, is a weeeee bit obsessed with Peeps. Not that she eats a lot of them, but she thinks they look adorable. So around this time of year she starts putting a few packages on her front desk as a display. And gradually, over the course of a few weeks, more start showing up. Because they come in a whole rainbow of colors, don't you know? So if she starts with pink, yellow, and blue, then someone will show up with a package of green. And someone else will find a package of rabbits instead of chicks. This year, I found orange for her when she had the rest of the rainbow but was only missing the orange. Then people started bringing in the new flavors... I printed up a sign for her, even, with three sides to it so she can change what it says. One side says, "Talk to my Peeps!" The second says, "Have your Peeps call my Peeps...", and the third declares that "Peeps who need Peeps are the happiest Peeps around!"

This is the current display as it was the Friday before Easter. Bwahahahaha! Beware the Peeps!! And if you don't already know where I work, there's one clue in this picture.

So I declared to all and sundry that this manicure was "for E..." when I showed it off. I'm sure you can clearly see why...

I even did my best to match the font in the logo! I did Peeps on my thumbs and middle fingers (given the dimensions of Peep chicks, I needed width more than length for these) and the rest of the fingers have decorated eggs. Now, in my family, eggs usually get decorated for the spring equinox, but I'm happy with this manicure any time of the year.

I used Sinful Shine Wisp and Alfresco for the background colors, and all the various details were done in those as well as Pragmatic, In The Limelight, Dark Room, Break Away, Bananappeal, and Sinful Colors Over It. I just haven't picked up a Sinful Shine pink yet, apparently. But then I have to consciously decide I'm missing a pink shade and go look for it, because I don't buy pinks 'just because'. I hate pink. :P

As I said, Easter's not my holiday, but I thought it was the appropriate day for these to be posted for everybody else. Enjoy!

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