Monday, October 22, 2012

"This is Halloween" Day 6 & 7 - Bats & Gradient

I didn't manage to get my bats done on time for last Friday, so I decided to combine days six and seven - bats and gradient - into one manicure for today. Mind, the gradient ended up being very subtle, but it's there.

I started out with a base color of two coats of Sally Hansen Opal Chrome, and then using a dry brush, I brushed down from the tips of the nails with Black Pearl Chrome. I then used China Glaze Liquid Leather to and a tiiiiny detail brush to draw my attempt at bats on the three middle fingers of my left hand.

I then added to the gradient on my right hand with a gradient of glitters. From the cuticle up, I have Wet N Wild, a very old bottle that I have that has no name on it, and only a sticker on the top of the lid that says 407. Then from about mid-way up to the tips of the nails I added Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope. They're both multi-colored glitter, but the 407 is tiny particles, and Kaleidoscope has larger hex glitters. Like I said, a very subtle gradient, but it is there!

I don't know why the glitter is only showing as gritty in these pictures. I'll take some more at lunch time and see if I can't get some better views for you guys. EDIT: Well, here are two pictures that do show the color sparkles a little bit, but seriously, it looks so much smoother and pretty in person.

I also added a graduated layer of Kaleidoscope on the thumb and pinkie fingers of my bat hand.

SECOND EDIT: One last update! Brianna wanted everyone to see her bats. Regrettably, she didn't choose a color scheme that makes her bats easy to see, but they are there... :)

I've included the links for both days - Day 6, October 19 - Bats

And Day 7, October 22 - Gradient!

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