Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nailtique Nail Fail

I won a giveaway from Samariam's Swatches lately and received four packages of Nailtique polishes. Aren't these lovely?

The four colors shown, from left to right, are Shanghai, Rio, St. Croix, and Milan. So I wanted to do a manicure using all four colors! V had just purchased a package of four craft scissors in different cutting patterns because she wanted a zigzag design on her nails, so after I was done with her mani, I pulled out one of the other pretty patterns and cut some tape for me.

Despite the fact that the title of the post says "nail fail", I actually got a LOT of positive comments about these nails. My co-workers all loved them (and they're pretty reliable about telling me when they don't) but they're just not what I was hoping for. I think if I had put the Milan on the end, and used Shanghai for the dots instead, then it probably would have come out more like what I was mentally picturing. But the color difference between Rio and Shanghai just wasn't enough for the taping pattern to really show up.

I really like St. Croix, though. It's the only nude I really have, and if I used just two coats it would be great for french tipping. I used three coats to get this level of opacity.

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