Monday, September 10, 2012

Brown and Beige Tones

Hello fellow nail art admirers, and welcome to my little corner of the nail art world. Okay, it's more like a cubby, or even a niche, not big enough to be a whole corner. In fact, I think I'm that little weird-shaped splotch on the wall over there...

Ahem. Since I only paint my nails twice a week usually, occasionally three times, I tend to choose my work clothes to match my nails most of the time rather than painting my nails to match an outfit. Sometimes I'll plan a manicure to match what I'm planning to wear to a board meeting, but even for that, more often than not I've done my nails a few days before and didn't think of it.

Such is not the case with the manicure I have for you today! While I was considering what I wanted to paint on my nails, the thought of a cute little summer blouse I own popped into my head, and I thought of a design to go with it!

I started with a base color of China Glaze Call of the Wild, and added one coat of Essie Luxeffects As Gold As It Gets. I added two lines of striping tape, and then painted the nail with China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. I really need to find a nice pale cream for my polish palette. I then finished up with a dotting tool using Call of the Wild and another China Glaze, Desert Sun.



  1. I absolutely love this! It's so fun, but neutral enough to wear with a work outfit with just enough glitz. Great job!

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm lucky enough to work at a University, so I actually get to wear all my pretties to work. My co-workers think it's funny that I pick my clothes to match my nails (since I usually wear a single manicure for several days) rather than painting my nails to match my clothes. :)