Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yet another French tip

All those interview manicures we did over the last few months on V's nails were worth it - she started her new job this week! She wanted to start her first day with nails that were professional, but pretty. A French tip is always on track. We started with a single coat of China Glaze Fast Track and added tips in Orly Buried Alive. Then I used China Glaze I Herd That to draw a line between the base color and the tips, as well as draw a few subtle arcs.

I included a few more pictures just so you could see how amazing the shine and multi-colored sparkle of the holographic glitter in I Herd That. Just beautiful!

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  1. I wasn't in my new office ten minutes before my new boss caught sight of my nails and--in mid-sentence--suddenly said, "Ohhh, I love your nails!" Isn't it great when you catch someone's attention in such a way that they literally lose their train of thought? Thank you so much Ro-chan! - V