Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Water Marbling in Color Combo 54

If anybody besides my co-workers notices such things, I apologize for the lack of posting for the last few months. I've still been doing my nails once or twice a week, and taking pictures, but the social spoons required to add words to these posts have been extremely absent. My then-17-year-old son moved in with us in January, and he graduated high school in early June. Since then, the stress level in my home went up by quite a bit, as he never managed to get a summer job, and so was in the house, with the husband and the littler kids, nearly 24/7. Not that he's a bad kid, but adding an adult male who is an essential stranger into an existing household is stressful, no matter how well you get along with the guy and how much you love him!

Well, he started college and moved into the dorm about three weeks ago, and I'm finally getting my typing fingers into gear and starting to post again. The oldest mani I have in my drafts is a watermarble. I had no particular color in mind, so I browsed and found a batch I liked.

So, I found the four polishes in my stash that came the closest to those four colors: Sinful Shine Break Away, Sinful Shine Alfresco, Barielle Aura Angora, and Wet N Wild Sunny Side Up. I really don't have a color that actually matches that pale peach in the middle, but I did my best. And now for the resulting watermarble!

Except for the accidental double-dipping of the ring finger, which actually looks pretty artistic, this ended up being the best watercolor I've done to date, I believe.

I did accidentally double-dip a finger on my right hand as well, though this time it was the middle finger.

And after that, it's just the pretty pictures...

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