Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Flowers!!

My birthday was back in July, and I absolutely adored the birthday card that my co-workers gave me. So much so that I did a manicure based on it that very weekend!

Isn't that pretty?! So many colors went into this manicure: the base white was Sinful Shine Wisp, but the rest of the polishes are in no particular order: Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Sinful Shine Bananappeal, Avon Absinthe, Orly What's the Password, Above the Curve Wisteria, and I used both Girly Bits Street Magic and a little bitty Bon Bons clear glitter polish (no name on the bottle) to mimic the sparkle-shine on the card. Here's a blurry pic to show off that glitter:

And here's the rest of the nails!


  1. The birthday care is gorgeous! Love the nails you did inspired by it.

  2. super work ! i use to do similar, by post cards :)